Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pallet Project

Wow, I can't believe it's been three years since my last post. Time goes by so quickly, but I've been busy and in the next few post I'll share a few of the things I have done over my hiatus. For the past few months I set out to re-purpose a pallet that had been laying in the backyard for far too long. I've seen different versions and designs of decorated pallets and it wasn't until I saw this design in Good Housekeeping that gave me inspiration and motivation. This is what my pallet project turned out to look  like:

I bought two hooks from the hardware store and my sweetie screwed them in the back of the pallet. I painted the wood and sprayer a sealer on it to protect the finish. The four decorative pails were purchased at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore; I drilled a few holes for drainage and used S hooks to attach each of the pails to the pallets. I painted the other three containers (silver, brown and lime green -- the only color spray paints I had on had). I bought pots at Ikea which were typically used in the kitchen to hold utensils, with holes in the bottom of the containers; the silver holder came with the container.

Image from Good Housekeeping

Time: 3 hours (prep, painting, planting and assembling)
Level of difficulty: Easy